I'm Jason

I'm a Frontend Software Engineer with a strong passion for building web applications with great user experience.
Here's a bit more about me.

Here are some of my Projects

  • Treact Landing Page Project


    In this project, I applied the knowledge and skills I had early on in my career to design a page similar to a webpage for a company named Treact. You can find the link to the original website here

    Google Book API Project

    HTML, CSS, JavaScript

    This project was made utilizing the Google Books API. Throughout the development process, I implemented all the API functionality with just plain JavaScript

    React Library Project

    React, HTML, CSS, JavaScript

    This is an E-commerce based application project I built using React. It applies the standard component and routing feartures of React, while implenting UX features such as a template loading state for images

    Crypto API Project

    NextJS, HTML, CSS, JavaScript

    This is a Crypto API project I had made with the design based off of Crypto.com. I used a public API I found through github on the site postman. This project I initially started using React, however I quickly encountered issues, which is where the server-side rendering from Next was able to resolve.